Attitude Check

A new project started. The client is open and listening. Team members are incredible.  There is talent on both sides of this fence and this will end up being a home run project, judging on the starting phases.  This one will run for another year because of complexity and scope.  Everything about this project screams smiles, knowledge, and advancement.

Don't Forget

So what’s up with my attitude!?  Let’s just say that I’m not balanced and it overflows into work.  You and I can be fantastic at our business, but we don’t operate on business alone.  If you’ve read anything about attitude, you’ll know that it’s made of the relationship we have with ourselves in our physical, mental, and spiritual lives.  So while all the outside relationships can be moving along at a great clip, its the inside relationship that dictates how we feel.

SmilesWhat this means to you (and me), is that running down a path is all wonderful, especially when its an exciting one.  However, each leap forward should include some basic habits to keep the inside engine running along on the incredible journey.

  1. How’s your health?  Are you exercising even when you don’t have the time?  Do you see your doctor(s) regularly?
  2. How’s your home?  Is it welcoming and comfortable? Do you get out to see your friends?  Do you spend time on hobbies and vacation?
  3. How’s your finances? Is there anything lurking over your shoulder or demanding your attention?
  4. How’s you spirit?  Without offending anyone, spirituality is about transformation based on a set of ideals.  Jesus is mine, what’s yours and are you moving in that direction?
  5. How’s your routine?  When was the last time you stepped out to try something different? Can you point to your latest, current, and future growth areas?
  6. Do you push yourself outside of work?  It’s so easy to relax and enjoy our successes, but don’t rest for too long.

As you all know there are thousands of books that tackle this whole subject from a myriad of angles.  They should be a regular part of your ongoing reading. I’m no expert, but I do live the challenges every day, as you do, and it important to recognized when it’s time to slap yourself in the face and press on in the face of a poor attitude.

Suggested Authors: James Altucher, John Maxwell, Kevin Jones, Alan Weiss, Mark McGuiness, Andy Stanley, Glenn Bland

I’ve got a dream
And, every night, I said to myself,
Yeah, I said I gotta share it,
Share the dream with somebody else.
We could make a beautiful day,

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