ChartField Business Request and Approval

There’s a new functionality (new to me – I’m a late bloomer) in version 9.2 that will probably replace more than a few customizations, and even reduce some manual business process outside of PeopleSoft.  The Business Request and Approval process now provides a way for users to request and get actionable approval on SetID configurable fields.  Think about a delivered method of adding new ChartFields, requested directly from the end-user, but approved and validated by those who oversee configuration design.  Finally, a workflow enabled system to automate the ghastly task of being made aware of and documenting all changes to ChartFields.  Not only that, but just about any configurable value defined at the SetID level can now be added to the control.
ChartFields can no longer be created unless proper authorization is obtained.  You can request additions or modifications to field values and submit them for approval.  Upon final approval, the process saves the new field value and commits changes to the corresponding base tables.  It also provides an audit trail of the setup and approval of these values.

The setup is fairly straight-forward, described well in PeopleBooks, and a few reference documents can be found on the internet as well.  I began this article with the intention of publishing the steps but have found it a bit more involved than a typical blog entry.  So I’m documenting the steps and will attach a guide in a few days once the guide is complete.  I love new stuff that makes life easy!

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