Ever Wonder Why?

As you  go to work each day, do you find yourself wondering if the client is the right one for you?  No matter who the client is, we find resources that we work well with and others that are a complete quandary.  However, no matter which you’re working with, you formulate a plan to help that particular individual understand the tasks at hand and give them the tools to keep the timeline successful.

We’ve all spent a lot of time learning and perfecting our ability to jump into any situation and move the project to completion.  Sometimes we are working well within our skill sets, and other times we aren’t even close, but on we go, giving it our best shot.

So what’s your motivation to keep doing things that are way out of most people’s comfort zone?  I know darn well that the money is what gets us started, but it takes a lot more than that to continue past the first couple years. After that you’re either in it for life, or actively working on your exit plan.

We really help people and companies to become more efficient.  Every trick we learn at some point is to be passed on to someone else.  Face it, we work very hard to work ourselves out of work with every client.  And yet, we look for another client when we’re done to start the process all over again.  We learn every single day and still feel there’s so much more we  don’t know.  We’re experts who never feel that we’ve reached that state.  More! Better! Faster! Every improvement can be improved upon.  If it isn’t broken, find a way to tinker with it.

Why do you do what you do?  Always have a ready answer because others are inspired by your drive.

I’ve got a dream
And, every night, I said to myself,
Yeah, I said I gotta share it,
Share the dream with somebody else.
We could make a beautiful day,

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