Are You Following?

Can you talk intelligently about the new code pieces that Oracle added in version 9.2?  How about the cool new Followingfeatures in the latest tool release?  Ok, can you tell your client the differences between release versions for your particular modual?  Maybe your current client isn’t using the latest and greatest.  Maybe you’ve worked in one version for so long that the others are a distant memory.  Maybe you’re like me and are focused on the current client and, well, I’m just not paying attention.

There’s this cool invention that helps you at least be aware that things are going on outside your little world.  It has the potential to lead you down every new path and to make you aware of how others are using your tools.  It keeps us in touch with each other.  It also gives us some of the education we so dearly need on an ongoing basis.

What’s this invention?

It is us!!

We each know stuff in a way no one else does and when we share it, everyone grows.  So, if you have a minute, why don’t you jump to my Resources page and check out some of the great ideas and teaching that’s available for those of us using PeopleSoft.

The point is, on many of these blogs, I’m set ‘follow’, so that email arrives when something new happens.  I don’t have to read it, but if it’s there, I do tend to take a look.  If I like it, I leave comments, or I pass on the link.  Either way, I don’t have to search as much to keep abreast of many things new.

The saying was: “Five years from now you will be the product of the books you read now.”  Apply that to this information age of ours and everything you do to further yourself has a great impact on your future.  Don’t sell yourself short.  Use following to gain the lead.

If this sparks any thoughts, I'd love to listen! Please Comment...