PeopleSoft Consulting

Is your work PeopleSoft Consulting?  Are you striving to stay billable and wanting to work with your favorite colleagues?  If you’ve been in the business for very long, you’ve seen what happens when we all come together at any particular client:

  • new faces
  • new formats
  • varied or new methodology

We all know how to do our jobs, but forming a cohesive unit takes time and normally the client doesn’t have the time available.  What if you could be staffed along with someone, or even better, multiple someones, that you’ve worked with in the past?

An association, Independent PeopleSoft Consultants Association (IPCA), is being formed with just that purpose in mind.  It’s not open to just anyone that wants to hang a hat, but only to those who have a proven track record and can be sponsored in by their peers.  We all want to stay independent, so this isn’t a résumé collection like many recruiters try to build.  In fact, we don’t want you resume.  We are building and encouraging relationships.

The IPCA will be built to police its members, rewarding those who help those around them and to weed out those who slow down our ability to impress the client.  Our reputation will become our beacon to the client.  Our ability to work well with each other will, within larger independent groups will become our calling card.  By helping each other, we can find multiple ways to give the client cost and time savings while preserving or even increasing our billable rates.

What’s in it for you?

  • We reward each other monetarily when we bring our friends into a client.
  • We work together to build methodology that enhances our presence
  • We strive to create economies of scale that will help us all with overhead costs

If this interests you – or sparks ideas, please contact me.