LinkedIn and Recruiters

Is there a formal or followed etiquette on linking recruiters to our personal LinkedIn pages?

Truthfully, I couldn’t do my business without recruiters and many are the most outstanding individuals I’ve come across.  But for every decent recruiter on my list, there are 5-10 that I wish I’d never been in touch with.

Business Communication Duplicate model

What a job you have to do!!  You have to find us, filter through our work histories to find what’s truly marketable, find quality work, and based upon timing, put us together.  We want top dollar, you want top dollar, and the client would prefer bottom dollar.  I have great admiration for your work.

There’s a phenomenal amount of turnover, even within the more reputable organizations.  I’ve always avoided adding recruiters as 1st level connections to protect those close associates whom have been chosen as my favorite people.  Perhaps I’m not using social media to it’s fullest, but I’ve always believed there is a loyalty and responsibility to everyone I’m connected with.

Since the LinkedIn user agreement disallows the creation of multiple accounts, how on earth can we add the recruiters we trust and keep the abusers away from our private information?

If this sparks any thoughts, I'd love to listen! Please Comment...