Overworked – Underpaid

As you browse around you new business, do you feel like there’s more to do than you have time?  Where do I concentrate my efforts?  I can talk to prospective clients, but I have nothing to show them.  I can build my professionalism by working on my website, getting business cards, creating flyers, writing blogs, but none of those put a dime in your pocket.

So what do I do?

All of it, unless you’ve stashed a tidy sum aside just for this purpose.  There just aren’t any shortcuts.  A business can’t grow unless your doing a little bit of everything.  It’s you and you alone.  Sure you can build a team, but even that begins with you reaching out to others.  See what I mean.

Every talent you have, and many you don’t will be needed to get things running.  Just don’t sweat the small stuff.  Be professional when you can, get as much advice as possible, and fumble along with the tasks you can’t unload on someone else.  Just keep moving, don’t stop, pace yourself and never give up.

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