Spinning Wheels

I’m frustrated!  How about you?  Adsense is activated, but I can’t make it work on the pages.  Google Analytics is now part of the web site, but I’m confused on what it’s tracking, because nothing seems to be showing up.  Emails have been coming in saying that subscriptions are being made to the site (thank you all very much!!), but the statistics say no one has visited.  And worse yet, I want to respond to everyone making these subscriptions to say how much it. s appreciated, but I have no clue how.

My day job is a full 12 hours, so I’m burning the midnight oil to figure things out.  But many nights, I just fall asleep.  Each morning I look at what I’ve done by viewing the site on my phone and I see misspellings, and incomplete thoughts.  Is this really what I want to do?

Then somewher in the middle of the day, coming out of another meeting I realized how special it is to have something building that will give me control, let me call the shots, give me the options that just don’t currently exist.  When you first contributed to your 401k or IRA account, it seems like such a small sum and yet over time it grows and grows.  That’s our businesses!!  Every little step forward and backward is compounding for us into the future.  Without the effort, we’ll be just like the people without hope we see all around us.  Every success we make, energizes us and others as they see a brighter future is possible.

When you talk about your business with your friends, colleagues, loved ones, many will tell you it can’t be done, till you start making little successes.  Then they’ll get excited and remind you how much they care.  That’s not meant in a negative way, but in a motivational way.  It is the success of those around use that motivates us to go beyond what we thought we could do.  We owe it to our friends and loved ones to let them know they can be anything they want.  And we prove that every day, by blazing a new path for them to follow.

You, my friends motivate me.  I pray I can do as much for you.

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