What an education it is to begin something new.  I have few qualifications in starting web sites, or modifying them, or actually anything to do with them.  Way back in the 80’s, I had done some HTML work for a couple of small companies, but that was a while ago.  I didn’t even know that the WSYWIG software was now classified as CMS.

I bought a domain name that matched what I thought my company should be called.  I’ve since learned thats not the smartest path, but I’m running with it for now.  Oh and did I mention, I didn’t put the web site at the ‘.com’ level and so I’ve had to figure out how to move it.

Let’s see, once the site was up, there was the email to figure out.  It’s nothing like the slick Outlook email I’m used to, nor even cool like Gmail.  It’s quite usable, but because I’m not accustomed to it, I’m still not using it on a regular basis.

All this stuff should be categorized somehow and put into a tutorial of sorts.  So many mistakes have been made, yet the site is there and I can post to it and make changes and that’s pretty special.  Now if I can just get someone to view it, I’d be one step closer to making some money.

That’ll be my next lesson to learn.

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