The Consulting Community

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve posted some open ended questions on popular social media sites and have been surprised by the lack of response. There are people following or liking the questions, but no one is offering an answer.
We’re consultants for God’s sake. We have answers and opinions on everything! Yes we have our secrets and sharing isn’t always the easiest thing, but we do have stories and lessons that can help each other.
Imagine how much you could learn if there was more sharing. We all get locked into our own little worlds with only the other consultants on a project to share with. If your at all like me then sharing those ‘precious’ client moments is a highlight, because no one else would understand.
Wouldn’t it be helpful to find mentors and students everywhere we go? As consultants, we have the training and the temperament to help each other. In fact, I believe its possible to create a organization that fosters that. I’m no brainiac, but I have skills I can teach and I listen well when others have something I can learn.
If you think you can help others, I want to hear from you. What’s your expertise?

If this sparks any thoughts, I'd love to listen! Please Comment...