Wild Ride!

What a year it’s been!  Have you ever felt that you can do more if just given the chance?  Well that opportunity came my way and I jumped on it.  It has been exhilarating!  You never know what you are capable of until you try.  And I’ve learned that I’m capable of plenty, but I don’t always enjoy it all.

As consultants we carefully take care of our clients, giving them value that is always beyond their ability to comprehend.  They see the day to day activity.  They see the improvements that make things simpler, or the workarounds that provide more detail.  Our clients love that they can ask the tough questions and always get an opinion or an answer that is straight.

But what our clients don’t get is the toll that it takes on us when we provide the correct and honest answer that is then ignored in favor of some ‘better’ answer or process that will only hold them back in the future.  Sometimes ‘our way’ is not the right way even though that is always how you have always done your business.  Your niche in your industry is not so unique that ‘your way’ is the only way.

I have truly stepped out of my comfort zone this past year and have learned incredible things from some great people.  I have learned that the simple is not always that.  No matter how many times a question is asked and documented, expect a revision later on.  No matter what you know and whatever your expertise, keep learning and improving.  Stay humble and you can avoid a lot of frustration with your client.

Face piles of trials with smiles!

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