Up and Running?

So a page exists. Now what to do with it. How does a person start something without a clue?  Keep watching as this site becomes a resource for those trying to start something new and different.  This is a new web site, set up through automation, and the owner has hardly a clue how to use the domain, the blog or even how to make the site appear so others can view the pages. 

Anyone wanting to find this site, let alone anything helpful, won’t.  At least not without all sorts of special instructions to lead them here.

I’ve purchased 2 books to start me out.  Actually 3.  The first two are about WordPress, since it is supposed to be what gets me noticed.  They are:

WordPress For Beginners by Dr. Andy Williams (makes me want to sing Moon River)

The Ultimate WordPress Book by Lambert Klein

The third book purchased is not about WordPress, it’s about another site development product called concrete5.  This one is concrete5 Beginner’s Guide.  I thought WordPress was just for blogs and that I would need something else to actually build the site.  Hmmm – looks like someone (me) is running around looking for a clue, but forgetting to ask anyone for advise.  I’m famous for that!!

So there’s my humble beginnings.  Let’s see what happens next.


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