Are You Ready?

Covid still lights the blind spot monitor in the rear-view mirror, and things are beginning to change again. Clients are starting to ask if I can travel. But you know what – I’m a bit spoiled at this point. Working from home has been challenging, but it has also been wonderful.
1. Even though clients always paid all my expenses, somehow, working from home they expected an additional discount on fees because I was home. I’ll never understand that!!!
2. Video meetings are the worst when the group is over 3 people. You can’t keep track of who’s sleeping and who’s paying attention. You have to repeat yourself many more times than normal to get a point across because you don’t have the board behind you. Online whiteboards are the worst!
3. You never catch a problem at the beginning. But the time you see it, at least an hour has been spent in unproductive time.
4. There goes your loyalty status with airlines and hotels.
1. Dinners with family
2. Sleeping in your own bed
3. Evening socializing with your friends

Personally, I truly enjoyed the travel and collaboration with clients and other consultants. I’m looking forward to traveling again, but will certainly miss my better half and all the fun we’ve been having together.

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