ERP Consulting

My day job is consulting.  For a very long time, I have implemented, upgraded and supported organizations with their financials systems.  I’ve worked for very large consulting companies, boutique shops and as an independent.  Each employment type has benefits and drawbacks that I may blog about at some point in time.

The purpose of this particular blog, is to add some additional firepower to the page I’ve added to this site with regard to Independent PeopleSoft Consulting.  There is a need within the ERP consulting community to view and rate the recruiting firms that are the independent’s lifeline to continued work.  We rely on our own reputations to find work and many times we are contacted by recruiters who help us find additional work outside our own sphere of influence.

Many of us have favorites, because these recruiters have consistently placed us, paid us and developed relationships that help our businesses.

Along the way, we’ve also been taken advantage of by those firms that are only looking to their own interests and they steal our resumes, forget to pay us for work done, or offer us work that reduces our ability to earn good money.

Now I also understand that some of us would like to keep our resources secret, so that potential work isn’t given to someone else, but it would be nice if we could find a way to stop some of these ‘poor’ recruiters from wasting our time.  I’d like to start something that rates ERP Recruiters if enough people are interested in sharing the good along with the bad.

Your comments would be greatly appreciated!!  My plans at this point do not include publishing any names, as the lawyers work through any legal issues I may cause by pointing fingers, so please do not include specific names.  I just want to collect and share stories about our recruiters.

Thank you for your help!!

If this sparks any thoughts, I'd love to listen! Please Comment...