Focus 02Distraction happens!!  Each of us has ideas and goals that drive us forward.  We drive those thoughts, put action behind them and they lead to more ideas and goals.  Off we go, chasing our dreams, building our businesses, networking to our new reality.  Things begin to fall together and our clients/customers start becoming visible.

Soon, we are off the ground and running.  Our idea has become a business.  Revenue and expenses are now a reality and we check it against our plan to make sure the course is being set.  Mid-course corrections are made to bring us back to our purpose, but now there are clients beginning to arrive without us searching.  Our network is now made up of some who are looking for our advice.  We have a bit more work than we can handle, so we begin hiring/delegating the work load to keep things going.

A business develops a life of its own.  This is why corporations and partnerships receive their own identities separate from the founder.  Your business develops form and function, it creates its own identity.  Now you create and support branding, careful to steer your enterprise in the direction you want it to go.  But because others are involved it takes a little more finesse, because it’s just not your ideas any more.  And many of those ideas coming in are really good ones too.

Wow, you’re managing projects, handling sales cycle, working with investors, being involved with day-to-day activities and the hours have really been added to your weekly schedule.

Focus 03 How many ideas did you begin with?  Sure, one in particular is making things happen for you, but do you think the others no longer deserve your attention?  If you can make one thing a success, wouldn’t it be correct that you could do the same to other ideas as well?

As a consultant, I tend to be very idea and action oriented while between projects.  There’s a lot of planning and networking, and collaboration going on.  But the minute I’m on a project, that all falls away.  The focus on the future dies the minute I focus on the present.  Now when the project ends, I have to resurrect the ideas and the people involved during its last iteration.  Some ideas even go missing due to lack of attention.  Or even worse, someone you know, runs with your idea successfully.

We’ve all heard it a million times.  Write down your goals so that you can constantly check them.  This changes your focus from whats in front of you to your plan for life.  This allows you to ride the wave of your growth/success, and not being carried along.  It keeps you in control.  When we review where we’re going the important things don’t get lost.  Our ideas, our training, our association with others is what propels us forward.  If  we can keep that going while we are otherwise occupied, our ‘focus’ will remain intact.

All the world astounds me and I think I understand
That we’re going to keep growing, wait and see.

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