Hot Keys in PeopleSoft

QuestionsIn the early versions of PeopleSoft, one of my favorite trinkets to receive was the mousepad that had all the HotKeys for PeopleSoft on it.  They shortened some of the work, but there were so many that I could never remember them all.  Well, I ran across the HotKeys again today.  Though this seems like a shortened list, this would be the most popular Hotlinks.  Enjoy!

In practice, as you work with individual end-users, you will find there are two basic types; keyboard users and mouse users.  We all tend to gravitate to one of the two preferences.  Neither is better than the other, they’re just different and when you train, keep both in mind.  I can bounce around with a mouse quick enough to leave heads spinning, but I’ve lost a couple of races through pages to keyboard users too.


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