Independent or Corporate?

As we hunt for work, the same question arises with each search: Should I go corporate or remain independent?  Our recruiters don’t always have something that fits our roll-off dates, and the work may not fit our goals.  So we hit the job boards to look around and there they are; the big firms that do the same thing as us, except they have dedicated sales-cycle folks.

How on earth do you compare the benefits and downside of each?  Well, here’s my handy little list that way or may not help.

  1. Engagement type/Length
    1. Does this fit your skill set, or if not, does it fit your plans for your future skill set?
    2. Is the project long enough to showcase your talents and develop relationships?
    3. Will the project challenge you?
  2. Compensation
    1. Think total compensation (salary, bonus, benefits).
    2. Find a way that’s comfortable for you to compare 1099, W-2, and all-inclusive so that you can turn apples and oranges into apples and apples>
    3. Know your limitations on all wage types>
  3. Position
    1. What’s your future look like and does this position point in that direction?
    2. Are you in stretch mode or needing to be comfortable?
    3. Will you be working with known colleagues or is this a new team dynamic?
  4. Client
    1. Is this a revolving door client? (everyone goes through there)
    2. Can you get a feel for how ‘managed’ you will be once you arrive onsite?
    3. Do you have prior relationships with the individuals on the client side?

Learn to take your time in all evaluations.  So many people want us to hurry with our decisions, but in the end, our reputations rely on doing a good job.  NEVER rush!

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