Did a client interview today. It was one of the marathon type, where you have different session with four separate individuals. I love those because it gives you the chance to quickly gauge your listening and evaluation skills in rapid fire succession. Even though I’m the one being interviewed, I still treat it as though I’m trying to illicit critical project information.
The client wants to find out my skill level and whether I’ll get along with their team.  I want to learn as much about their team and system as I can.  Their questions and mine definately don’t match, but it becomes a give-some-get-some sort of game that can be a lot of fun.  I understand the anxiety that many people have when it comes to interviews, but if you assume you are also the interviewer, the perspective changes
Anyway, the part I enjoyed the most was the role playing. Your given a situation and then you have to problem solve based upon different scenarios. We don’t spend enough time doing that with each other when its not critical. It would be fun to set up this type of role play exercise at the breakout session during conferences we all attend. Tables of 4 to five each with unique scenarios. No right answers, but an exercise in sharing and growing.
Vast vision must improve our sight
Perhaps at last we’ll see and end
To our own endless blight
And the beginning of the free
Climb to tranquility
Finding it’s real worth
Conceiving the heavens
Florishing on earth

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