Posting, Tracking, Placing Ads


I have a lot to say, until I sit down to say it.  In front of a crowd, with a subject at hand, the words start pouring.  Put my fingers on the keyboard and my mind empties. Consciously taking notes of my activities is helping, but it’s a bit of a blur thinking about all the little things and rabbit trails one goes down to make the next step.  I read books, follow systems, but at each step it becomes tailored to what I think my business needs.  The one thing that is going correctly is idea generation.  Not that new ideas are pouring in, but the focus on the existing ideas starts giving them life.  Ideas become bigger, and it becomes necessary to include others to help round out the rough edges.


Who the heck cares what is written on these pages?  Well, the truth is that without helping someone else, business doesn’t exist.  So how do you tell if your helping anyone?  Let’s see, the business is little more than a blog with a few links.  So, tracking anything related to the website becomes the only view into whether anything is happening or not.  My web-host (DreamHost) has some analytics that I’ve turned on, but learning to understand them is still a few days away.  Google Analytics is also avialable and I’m signed up, but having difficulty getting the pages to appear.  Something has probably been done wrong, but I’ll keeep trying.

Placing Ads:

Google AdSense has been attached to my site, but it took a few days to get signed up.  And as of right now, I don’t think I’ve set it up correctly.  It’s easy enough to do, but like everything else in life, I stumble the first few times and then it gets really easy.  It would be more fun to start with the easy part.  Ads are the most confusing thing to me.  I know they are a necessary evil, but I want them severly limited so that no one is overwhelmed.  They should be secondary to the blog itself and only add value to the things that are published.

You must understand that perserverance is part of the equation here.  No one knows everything and learning isn’t all that simple either.  Out of the comfort zone is the magic place to be, because that is the place where learning really happens.

Face piles of trials with smiles – Moody Blues

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