Recruiters are both good and bad.  The right recruiter is a reliable business partner who navigates the world for us in search of a home for our talents.  Your roll-off is important and they take the time to watch the market.  The wrong recruiter stretches our budgets thin, constantly hampering the payment process.  To them we are just another résumé to gain clients.  We’ve all seen our resumes floated for projects we never hear about till the client calls directly to ask why we didn’t respond to their requests.

I think that with 2 or 3 good recruiters, we each would stay busy, as much as we need.  No one recruiter has the network or ability to always match our timings to the clients needs.  At least none that I’ve met thus far.  Have you found your team?  Do you dread your next roll-off?  Do you have a network that makes you smile?

One of the goals for an independent PeopleSoft consulting association would be to rate the recruiters we deal with.  Not to steal away work, but to help avoid the riff-raff floating around out there.  Your membership would help us help control our future by giving recruiters more to work with.  The team approach would allow recruiters to pool our resources and offer more experience to the clients.

On my LinkedIn, the recruiters are beginning to receive a standard message from me when they attempt to connect: “Thank you for your interest!  I prefer not to add you to my network, so that I can limit the traffic on my Home.  I am very interested in your opportunities and would appreciate a message if I can help you.”  I want to add some information to my message about a recruiter rating page of service, but haven’t worked that out yet.  Got any suggestions?

Keep Improving!!

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