What’s Your Specialty?

SpecializeWe’ve all tried to be generalists, touting our great knowledge of the PeopleSoft System and how it works. It doesn’t even matter which PeopleSoft product the client is using.  We have the understanding of the system that says we can open App Designer and find all the linking of components and records we would need to be efficient.  Throw in the ERDs from Oracle and we’re on top of the world.  Anyone with a working knowledge of business process can quickly discover the different streams of work that move transactional data through the system from input to report.

However, being a generalist will only get you the entry-level jobs that hardly make living on the road worth while. If you are at all serious about becoming known in the PeopleSoft world, you’ll need to pick your module and focus on learning it.  This opens a world of opportunity.  Now you can create eminence, by writing articles, giving lectures, recording videos, etc. and others in the field will want to work with you.  Throw in some great reviews from your clients and now you have a reputation that helps your utilization stay high.

But specializing isn’t as easy as I make it sound.  Along the way you’ll find that your specialty isn’t the one everyone is needing .  Also, many clients want you to do multiple modules together that don’t always make sense.  I’ve focused on revenue modules over the years and now it seems everyone else is focused on the expense modules.  General Ledger used to be the golden child, now AP seems to be having a heyday.  Focus on Financials and the client wants HCM.  Focus on HCM and suddenly Payroll is everywhere you look.

What matters most is your perseverance.  Specialists command the best jobs and the highest rates, so that is your goal.  But be flexible and choose modules that can work together, so that you can keep your utilization high as well.

“Open your eyes and start to be you.”

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